Reasons to Have a Merciful Wife, #1 (The End)

I’m a distractible person.  As an obvious example of it, I think I had planned a really clever way of telling this part of the story, then my daughter started running around nearby.  Now I’m left thinking, “What was I going to say?  And why am I wearing one shoe?”

I’m distractible.  I know it though, and can sometimes take steps to prevent it.  This is what I tried to do when I was on my math holiday and my wife interrupted me by shopping.  I Continue reading


Reasons to Have a Merciful Wife, #1 (Part 3)

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve embraced being….  I’m going to call it “odd.”  I can never remember whether I’m a “nerd,” a “geek,” some combination of both, or some other thing like a “doofus.”  Whatever I am though, I’m it unabashedly.  This isn’t necessarily because I’m overflowing with self-confidence or because I think nerds or geeks are more respectable now than before–I’m also not saying they’re not, for the record–it’s because Continue reading

Reasons to Have a Merciful Wife, #1 (Part 2)

My parents taught me the importance of being able to entertain myself.  In theory, so long as I have my brain with me, I shouldn’t have a reason to be bored.  This is perhaps particularly true with a brain like mine; it’s notoriously adept at being interested in things.  It’s slightly less adept at pesky minutia like social graces or paying attention to the obvious.

This is why my wife has mostly learned not to show me off in public.  Before that realization though, we went shopping.  Or rather, she went shopping and left me standing Continue reading

Reasons to Have a Merciful Wife, #1 (Part 1)

One time I accidentally called my wife fat.  I don’t mean that I said something innocuous and that she then misinterpreted it as an insult; I actually called her fat without meaning to do it.  It was the unexpected consequence of a series of oddities.  I certainly wasn’t being mean-spirited.  I suspect I should just explain what happened. Continue reading