Danger Soup (Recipe Included!)

Now that I’ve dispelled any lingering aspersions on my manly-manliness, I have to confess that I’m terrified of plants.  I can’t even pretend that I’m only afraid of the vicious looking ones, as though that would somehow make it less ridiculous.  While vine-like plants bother me most, even friendly and helpless looking plants can cause a shutter to run through my body unless I’ve specifically steeled myself for the encounter.  By which I mean that I’ve Continue reading


Our Kitchen is Paved With Good Intentions

My wife and I shouldn’t try to be nice in the kitchen.  We’re well-intentioned people in general, but the kitchen is tricky.  There’s so much that can go wrong.  We should stick to being well-intentioned in simple places, like hallways.  As far as I know, neither of us has a disastrous story about a hallway plan backfiring.  (Yet.  Stay tuned.)  Kitchens are another Continue reading