Reasons to Have a Merciful Wife, #10

As followers of the Usual Poll know, I’ve been sick for a little while. Whatever illness I had laid me out pretty effectively–so much so that I missed two posts–but the low point of the entire experience really affected my wife more than me. She had a particularly rough time a couple of nights ago.

It started as we lay in bed listening to our daughter on the baby monitor. She’s old enough Continue reading


Pregnancy Brought to You by Wisconsin, the Mediterranean, and Cholesterol

NOTICE:  This post is Wife approved.

For my wife, pregnancy was somewhere between a disappointment and a nightmare.  For years she had heard mothers speak of how pregnancy was a magical time for them.  Many even missed it.  Understandably, she looked forward to an amazing experience.  Instead she had nine months of exhaustion and pain.  It was like some sort of cruel bait Continue reading