The Usual Fool’s Guide to Hair Cuts, Part 3 (The End)

I think there’s something about restrooms that makes me stupid.  For example, most people know enough not to build enormous fires between themselves and the only avenue of escape, especially when they’ve locked out anyone who could rescue them.  I, however, have done that twice, naked.  Both times I got distracted on the way to the shower.  Also Continue reading


The Usual Fool’s Guide to Hair Cuts, Part 2

In my experience, and unfortunately I have a lot of experience with this, bad decisions are like cookies.  I can’t ever make just one unless it’s enormous.  Usually I make a couple dozen smaller ones, which add up to the same amount of error, but seem so much more reasonable at the time.  For example, when I first went to graduate school, I decided to let Continue reading

The Usual Fool’s Guide to Hair Cuts, Part 1

I shaved my head by accident once.  I don’t mean that I fell down against something sharp, although I’ve done that too.  Usually I don’t fall head first though.  If I fell down against something that could shave my head, the story would likely begin thusly:  I decapitated myself by accident once.  Obviously, then it would be written by someone else.   In this Continue reading