The Fire Trucks of Failure

Considering the prevalence of unexpected fire in my numerous antics, it surprises me that the fire department has only intervened twice.  What surprises me more, however, is that it wasn’t helpful on either occasion.

In general I like to think that I practice good fire safety–I certainly told my wife that after I Continue reading


Usual Fool Proof

My daughter is indestructible. Before anyone calls the police, let me assure you that I haven’t been trying to test this by hitting her with hammers or throwing her into fires. She just toddles her way into situations that ought to be injurious, but aren’t. She’s tumbled off of furniture and down stairs; she’s been squeezed in shutting doors and stuck in the Continue reading

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Learning to drive is a pretty significant milestone in my life, but not one I noticed.  Rather, I focused on getting to drive.  Oddly, it was freedom which required time consuming commitment and unquestioning submission to myriad rules that are frequently inconvenient and often seem arbitrary.   I don’t mean to say that I always follow the rules, Continue reading

The Usual Fool’s Guide to Hair Cuts, Part 1

I shaved my head by accident once.  I don’t mean that I fell down against something sharp, although I’ve done that too.  Usually I don’t fall head first though.  If I fell down against something that could shave my head, the story would likely begin thusly:  I decapitated myself by accident once.  Obviously, then it would be written by someone else.   In this Continue reading