High (Altitude) Jinx, Epilogue

My family flew with two airlines on our recent trip.  Fortunately, the bird strike happened with the second, because the first might have charged us an inconvenience fee for the experience of being imperiled.  The second, on the other hand, was entirely helpful.

When we got back to the airport, all of the passengers rushed off of the plane so that they could schedule a different flight.  Meanwhile, all of the facts that made my family’s early boarding necessary guaranteed that we couldn’t rush anywhere.  We were the last Continue reading


No Puppy for You

My single greatest contribution to the Humane Society is to continue not adopting any animals.  I suppose that sounds like a sort of cruelty, but hear me out.

My wife and I originally planned on adopting a dog shortly after our marriage.  I had suggested a ferret, but my wife had wanted a particular sort of Labrador for years; I couldn’t deny her the chance.  Instead, our landlord denied her the chance.  When we Continue reading