Reasons to Have a Merciful Wife, #10

As followers of the Usual Poll know, I’ve been sick for a little while. Whatever illness I had laid me out pretty effectively–so much so that I missed two posts–but the low point of the entire experience really affected my wife more than me. She had a particularly rough time a couple of nights ago.

It started as we lay in bed listening to our daughter on the baby monitor. She’s old enough Continue reading


The Octopus in the Night, Part 2

We have one child and infinite toys, but not specifically because she’s inquisitive enough to play with everything, although that’s true too.  Rather, I mean that our supply of toys is incomprehensibly large, and essentially limitless.  We never meant to spoil our daughter; it just happened.

As an example of what I mean, for our daughter’s first birthday, my wife arranged an Continue reading

The Octopus in the Night

It’s possible that one night I called the police on a toy.  In my defense though, nighttime makes everything more alarming.  As evidence, consider the description of monsters as things that “go bump in the night.”  I doubt that the bumping is the problem, or we would all be scared of my daughter, who sometimes runs into walls for the fun of it.  Similarly, Continue reading

Caring in the Dark, Part 2

Even at the best of times, I’m not the most graceful or coordinated person in the world.  My efforts aren’t always pretty; my reasoning isn’t always clear; straightforward tasks occasionally confuse me.  All of these are exaggerated at night.

Naturally, that’s when a lot of parenting happens, especially at the beginning.  For the first Continue reading