The Bucket Battle

My daughter and I are involved in a protracted claims dispute over a stuffed animal, an adorable and floppy stuffed sheep.  Being a small child, my daughter rather naturally assumes that it (and everything else, if we’re being honest) is hers.  Meanwhile, I’m the middle-aged man who keeps trying to take it back because it’s his favorite.  You know, in a manly way.

The sheep’s name is Bucket, because I’m awesome with names.  I got it when I was in Continue reading


Simple Recycling for Busy Parents

I could never lead the A-team, because my plans never come together.  For example, while it occurred to me that children might serve as a great excuse to play with toys again, I couldn’t have anticipated how my scheme would go awry.  Here, let me explain.

Reasons to Have Children, #9: Toys

We always used to say that we wouldn’t spoil our daughter with toys, but that plan was undone by two facts.  First, our daughter is so cute that we forget ourselves; we lavish her Continue reading