Robin Williams

Father in heaven, merciful Father, we ask that you have mercy on our brother Robin tonight.  Bless him and give him peace with you forever, through the grace of your loving Son, Jesus Christ.

It’s sad to me, watching the world respond to Robin Williams death.  The current theory is that he committed suicide.  He battled depression before.

Battling depression.  What a strange phrase.  Depression takes the fight out of you.  You can’t battle it or anything else.  It’s exhausting.  It’s also very lonely, very deceptive.  You feel like everyone hates you, and even worse that they’re justified in hating you.  Compliments and friendships slide away, like wreckage under the sea.  Every little criticism lasts forever, even the imagined ones.

I can’t explain it.  I’m not trying to blame anyone for anything.  I just want to say this:

If you know someone who has “battled” depression, don’t wait until they’re gone to tell the world how much you love them.  If Mr. Williams did commit suicide, he might not have if he could have known how much we will miss him, miss just knowing that he’s out there.

Of course he wouldn’t have believed us if we told him.  We would have needed to overwhelm him with it.  Make it undeniable.  Make it everywhere.  Like it is now, when it’s too late.


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