Between Stars

It’s been a long day, and I am very tired.

Naturally I won’t be able to go to sleep for another three hours, at which point my son will wake me up again because he’ll be hungry.  (I can’t help him, but since my wife won’t wake up, I get to act as the intermediary.)  Or maybe my daughter will wake up.  She’s sick right now, and the poor little girl…  Well, she gets scared and confused.

I suppose those are perfectly normal reactions to…  Well, a lot of things.

Outside it’s snowing.  “But a few weeds and stubble showing last.”

Earlier today my daughter and I went out to build snowmen.  Yes, while she’s sick.  The snow was apparently of the wrong sort for snowman building–I’m from the tropics, so what do I know about snow–so we made snow angels instead.   Yes, while she’s sick.

She even insisted that I make a snow angel, which is not only ridiculous when one is my size, it’s difficult when one is my age.

I’m aware that everyone older than me protests that last statement.

It’s rather too late to write more.  Let me end with another quote from Chesterton, this from his biography of Robert Browning:

“To many it will at first sight appear a dangerous doctrine indeed. But, in truth, it is a most solid and noble and salutary doctrine, far less dangerous than its opposite. Every one on this earth should believe, amid whatever madness or moral failure, that his life and temperament have some object on the earth. Every one on the earth should believe that he has something to give to the world which cannot otherwise be given. Every one should, for the good of men and the saving of his own soul, believe that it is possible, even if we are the enemies of the human race, to be the friends of God.”


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