Here’s a professional revelation:  my wife is the secret to my success.  She reads my drafts, helps me clear up my jumbled writing, and advises me about matters of tone and propriety.  She’s essential, irreplaceable, wonderful, and asleep.

That last one is the trouble, obviously.  She’s sick again, and went to bed early, whereas I was late with my writing and have no excuse.  (However, I did make more soup for her.  This time I used the same recipe, but added chicken.  As a note of caution, if you boil a chicken for twelve hours, it stops be recognizable as much more than mush.  Hopefully it’s nutritious mush.)

Either way, I sympathize with any inconvenience this might cause, but today’s post is delayed until it can undergo review from my best and prettiest helper.


Daniel, the Usual Fool

P.S. You can always entertain yourself here:

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4 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Too funny. I usually go ahead with my posts even I can’t get my wife to read them in time – and I pay for it with garbled language and infinite typos.

  2. Heh heh– most fortunately, while 12 hours will have simmered all flavor and consistency right out of the chicken, it will also have simmered the nutrients right into the broth. Believe it or don’t, there are actually recipes that call for exactly what you did, and they wind up being some of the healthiest things in the kitchen kingdom, at least according to my mother.
    …Mind, they’re called “stocks” instead of “soups”, and also call for tossing out everything but the broth, but never mind silly technicalities. You done good.

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